Ramsay's Fish and Chip Van

Established in 1980, Ramsay's fish and chip van provides freshly fried fish and chip suppers on an evening to villages in the Yorkshire Dales. We also provide outside and event catering.

Ramsay's Mobile Fish and Chip Van Blog

Regular fishy thoughts and potato pondering from the team.

A Typical day

Our Typical day

Our typical day starts at base, at Brecon Bar Askrigg. We arrive at 9:30am and begin the prep. Eddie starts by getting the peas cooking before he rumbles and chips up to 8 25kilo bags of potatoes, before starting to pin bone the fish fillets, we can use over 200 fish fillets in one evening so this takes some time. Whilst Eddie is prepping, Jennifer washes all the equipment and then cleans the van inside, restocks all the the bits and bobs we need for an evening, then once or twice a week washes the outside. By 12pm most of our work is done and we head home for a rest and some lunch.
We come back to base at about 2pm and load the van with everything from Wensleydale cheese to haddock fillets. We make the curry sauce and gravy whilst the fryers heat up, then once all aboard we set off on our rounds.
Once we finish up in the last village we head back to base, empty the van out into the stock room and washing up areas then head home ready to start it all again the next day.