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Established in 1980, Ramsay's fish and chip van provides freshly fried fish and chip suppers on an evening to villages in the Yorkshire Dales. We also provide outside and event catering.

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Regular fishy thoughts and potato pondering from the team.



In the 8 weeks that we were closed due to Covid-19 we have taken the time to discuss ways to make the service we provide better and more efficient. There was one topic that we kept revisiting, this was our Haddock, a fish that historically has been a lot more expensive than Cod but is now more affordable.
A few months ago, we made the decision to trial our haddock with no skin as we had lots of our lovely customers asking for this and this saw a rise in sales.
On the reopening of our suppliers, Collins Seafood, we enquired about the source and sustainability of our haddock and how we could lock into a premium supply in these uncertain times. We were delighted to learn that they had just bought a large quantity from the British owned Kirkella ship, Dick Ramsay always recommended the Kirkella as they provide some of the finest Haddock you can buy.
We love the fact its a British owned and run ship operating out of Hull. The sustainability of our products is very close to our hearts and we know they fish a sustainable fishery so we had little hesitation in saying “yes please” when offered the chance to buy a large proportion of the stock Collins hold.
We will continue to monitor the sustainability of all our products particularly when considering any menu changes or updates. For those of you interested in fish sustainability take a look at https://www.mcsuk.org/
We have made the decision that as of 15th June this will be our go to fish if you ask for Fish and Chips. For those of you who really prefer Cod, rest assured it is equally sustainable and premium quality and is still very much be available but we ask that you clarify which fish you would like when ordering if you have a strong preference.
Why not give our haddock a try next time you order and see what you think?