Ramsay's Fish and Chip Van

Established in 1980, Ramsay's fish and chip van provides freshly fried fish and chip suppers on an evening to villages in the Yorkshire Dales. We also provide outside and event catering.

Ramsay's Fish and Chip Van FAQ's

We have tried to compile a list of commonly asked questions. Please email or message us, if your question is not covered here.
What food allergens does your menu contain?
Answer: Please read our full allergen list Full Allergen list (as of February 2020 - note products may change week to week so please ask our staff)
Times and Days
What day and time do you come to my village?
Answer: Please view our weekly round page for details
Location of Stops
Where do you park in my village? Answer Our Weekly Round page has detailed descriptions
Gluten free items
Do you provide gluten free food?
Answer:Sorry no we can't, due to a limited number of fryers in the van and cross contamination, we are unable to provide gluten free food.
Beef Dripping
What do you cook your fish in?
Answer Beef dripping.
Fish allergy
Can I have just chips if I have an allergy to fish?
AnswerSorry no, due to cross contamination, we can not guarantee that your food would be fish free.
Card payments
Do you take card payments?
AnswerYes, we have a card reader on the Van, however it only works when connected to 4G - check with us the next time you are at the van to see if the reader works in your village.
Pre order for large group
If we are a large group, do we need to pre order?
Answer: If you are a group of 8 or more it is always useful to know to expect you on your chosen evening. A message, text or phone call to 07943 054838 could reduce waiting times.
One off campsite stops
We are stopping at a campsite nearby, can you stop there on your way past?
Answer: Sorry we can't, our timetable is quite tight, especially in busy times keeping up with it can be difficult, therefore adding an extra stop - however small - can prove difficult and make us late to other stops. Please check where our nearest stop to you is and meet us there instead. Or if you are a large group of over 25 let us know and we might be able to fit you in before or after our normal run.