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Established in 1980, Ramsay's fish and chip van provides freshly fried fish and chip suppers on an evening to villages in the Yorkshire Dales. We also provide outside and event catering.

Ramsay's Mobile Fish and Chip Van Blog

Regular fishy thoughts and potato pondering from the team.

Lockdown 1

Our self isolation

Along with the rest of the country we have been practising self isolation and social distancing where we can.

Eddie has been out and about in the Abbotside events van delivering groceries from Sykes house to the locals in the surrounding villages, I have been disinfecting worktops 3 times daily, checking out the latest additions to netflix, FaceTiming friends and doing jigsaws with the cats.

We have been enjoying any outdoor activities we can including, our one hour a day walks, joining in with the Thursday evening 8pm NHS cheering from our little corner of askrigg, we have managed to sand and varnish our back door and even tackle some dreaded weeding. So far we haven’t killed each other, but we do fear that this stage will be reached in the coming weeks (Any suggestions for activities to avoid this are welcomed).

We hope all you guys are doing well and staying safe, we hope to be back with you soon. Always remember that even getting out of bed and getting dressed is an achievement if you are feeling at all down.

Take care and stay safe.

Coronavirus update 16/3/20

Coronavirus update 16/3/20

At fish and chip HQ we have been discussing the situation with the Coronavirus. As a business we want to take sensible steps to mitigate any potential spread whilst still providing our services. As an employer I want to ensure the safety of Eddie and Jennifer.

• This week (starting 16th March) we will assess the situation daily but plan to run as per normal. We are making plans to enable either Wi-Fi or 4G in each stop, this may involve slightly different stop locations in certain villages (we will let you know asap) We then ask you to please try and pay by card not cash.
• As of next week (starting 23rd March) it will be CARD ONLY payments. We apologise for the inconvenience.
• We suggest that whilst queuing you allow for personal space and just stand a bit further apart.
• When you get to the van please try not to put your hands on the counter.
• And follow the well published advice on handwashing, coughing, sneezing.
• Where possible, without putting them at risk, have a think if you can collect fish and chips for your neighbours or vulnerable people. One person in a queue, instead of two or more, will help. Large orders please text or message in advance.

Please, please, please everyone be patient and don’t shoot the messengers in Eddie and Jennifer they do an amazing job and are desperate to keep you all happy in these gloomy times.

They absolutely intend on going about the round as normal where possible, however we will be taking this day by day, and following the government advice / rulings. Your safely and wellbeing along with ours is paramount and we don’t want to jeopardise it in any way.
We hope you all understand our reasons for these actions. Please message us with any questions or further details you want.

And finally take care of yourselves!


A Typical day

Our Typical day

Our typical day starts at base, at Brecon Bar Askrigg. We arrive at 9:30am and begin the prep. Eddie starts by getting the peas cooking before he rumbles and chips up to 8 25kilo bags of potatoes, before starting to pin bone the fish fillets, we can use over 200 fish fillets in one evening so this takes some time. Whilst Eddie is prepping, Jennifer washes all the equipment and then cleans the van inside, restocks all the the bits and bobs we need for an evening, then once or twice a week washes the outside. By 12pm most of our work is done and we head home for a rest and some lunch.
We come back to base at about 2pm and load the van with everything from Wensleydale cheese to haddock fillets. We make the curry sauce and gravy whilst the fryers heat up, then once all aboard we set off on our rounds.
Once we finish up in the last village we head back to base, empty the van out into the stock room and washing up areas then head home ready to start it all again the next day.

An introduction to our blog

Introduction to our blog

Since quite unexpectedly taking on the van last May we have had a lot to learn, lots of new people to meet and a new lifestyle to become accustomed to. We have seen a fair few things driving around the Yorkshire Dales on an evening and met some really interesting people. The main reason to start this blog is to share these experiences with you our wonderful customers and friends. So keep your eyes peeled on this space for any updates on our adventures in the chip van.

Battered Real Yorkshire Wensleydale

Battered Real Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese

We are super lucky to live and work in Wensleydale and it is only right that we use the Dales most famous product – The Cheese! The cows that produce the milk to make the cheese graze the fields beside our route and the Creamery where Real Yorkshire Wensleydale is made along with lots of other amazing cheeses is only 4 miles from our base. Its the definition of local food!

We recommend a visit to the Creamery if you are in the area  Wensleydale Creamery website

Its crispy on the outside and hot and goey cheese inside, served with our mild sweet chilli sauce dip its a dream combination!

Battered real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese
battered real yorkshire wensleydale cheese

Potato prep masterclass

Potato prep masterclass

Eddie preparing a bag of potatoes, each day he will prepare up to 7 or 8 bags during our busy months. They are peeled, washed then hand checked for blemishes before chipping.